I'm passionate about creating fluid digital experiences
and I want to use technology to help make people's lives more fulfilling.
You can find me on LinkedIn, find my resume, or shoot me an email.


I’m a UX / Experience Designer based in Stockholm. I want to design experiences with my creativity and visual skills. Send me a message and I can tell you more about me.

Good to know

I'm looking for an opportunity to develop my skill and use my curiosity to understand people's needs. I’m excited about working effectively with others to achieve common goals.

Work experience

I've worked in multiple fields. I have previous experience as a team leader, in customer services, insurance company, bank manager, visual merchandiser.


Currently an Experience Designer student at Changemaker Educations. Previous education economics. Course: customer service management, service skills.


Island of Change


Project: Creating a prototype for a digital platform, that plan to be part of a national exhibition in 2021. Project called “Pengar” to get youths more knowledge of money and sustainability.

Target Users: teenagers and younger adults.
Goal: Create an interactive prototype in the form of a web-browser game, where the user can explore how their own choices affects on sustainability and economics.


Onboarding APP


Project: Creating an onboarding app for workers within the Swedish education system, based on research, interviews and analysis.

Target User: Newly employed teachers
Goal: By doing research, creating an onboarding app that gives the user a personalized experience and will optimize the onboarding process which increase learning and have good feeling on the job experience.


Unity Engine
After Effects




LinkedIn +46729019626