About me

👋 Hello Everyone,

I’m Katya : cat lover based in Stockholm.
I believe that I have a lot to contribute to a team environment and know that the best solutions and creative ideas come as a result of collaboration between people. I see myself as someone who never stops learning. Especially in the UX field, there is so much more to learn for me that I think I could never call myself an expert. But I embrace every opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skills.
In private I find inspiration through photography: thing about the camera and the lens is that it lets you see people, places, etc. in a whole new perspective and it helps to see things from a different view. Hand made: creating with the hands edible bouquet is always speciellt gift which i create to my friends and they never look the same. And of course my little boy inspire me a lot: his hunger and curiosity for life drives me to experience everything together and I don’t find a strong line between creativity, work, and play.


 LinkedIn +46729019626